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Licenced Pony Club Suppliers

Everyone at PolyPads is delighted to announce that we are now approved, licenced suppliers to the Pony Club! Following a conversation with Marcus Capel, CEO of the Pony Club, we have been approved to create official merchandise for branches, bearing the Pony Club logo.

We can work with your requirements to help create the saddlepad that is perfect for you. We have spent time perfecting the Pony Club logo, which can now be embroidered onto saddlepads of all sizes (including Shetland!), so every rider can enjoy branded merchandise, completed to the highest standard.

It is not the first time PolyPads has worked with the Pony Club. We have produced Western and Classic PolyPads for the Poly Club Polocrosse teams since 2019, and since 2021 have provided saddlecloths for the Pony Club Championships. Many of our customers are also loyal members of the Pony Club, using PolyPads for training.

The Pony Club is an international organisation for young riders and those interested in horses and ponies. The Pony Club has been running even longer than PolyPads – it was founded in 1929 and has been an integral part of people’s lives ever since. Today, there are around 330 Branches and 400 Centres in the UK alone – it’s safe to say that the Pony Club has been a successful venture! The Pony Club is split into 19 Areas, with each Area being managed by a separate representative. Within each Area is at least one Branch, so there will always be a Pony Club branch local to your child. The Pony Club is a brilliant way for children to interact, grow and learn with their peers and ponies. It gives a solid foundation of discipline and education, from which many children have gone on to launch a successful career with horses.

The relationship between PolyPads and the Pony Club is a very exciting one; because we make all our products right here in the UK and have our own on-site embroidery machines, we can provide a quick turnaround and enhanced quality control. Because we manufacture in the UK, we can even work to your own sizes – so if you have measurements in mind, we can help! The inclusion of PolyPads into the group of licenced suppliers benefits ponies too; for years children have trained in a PolyPad, but have turned to a different saddlepad for competition. Now, the fit under saddle can remain the same, with PolyPads being used for both competition and training.

If you would like to discuss your order of PolyPads for your Pony Club branch, please email us on sales@polypads.co.uk, or fill in our contact form on our website.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Pony Club, click here.

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