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About Us

PolyPads have paved the way in creating professional, practical solutions for equestrians of all abilities. With years of manufacturing and equestrian experience behind us, we endeavour to produce quality products for every rider, at every level. 

PolyPads are found in nearly every tack room in the country, providing comfort, durability and style – the reason they remain popular to this day. They are practical and long lasting, made in the UK to the very highest standard.

The PolyPads brand was created in 1988 to meet the needs of racehorses. They provided a solution to the needs of the racing world – they required a product that was durable, quick to fit, easy to wash and would provide comfort under saddle. Of course, these needs are not unique to the racing world. Soon, everyone from happy hackers to top eventers soon discovered the benefits of this no-fuss pad. Today, the PolyPad takes form across varied designs to maximise equine comfort, yet still retains the core values of practicality, durability and style. PolyPads today are available in the following styles; the Classic, the Forma range, for Driving, as Pet Beds and in a variety of other styles

PolyPads Today

PolyPads are made to to order in the UK by our talented machinists. Over 80% off our staff members either have, or have had horses in the past. This knowledge and passion fuels the production and design of everything that we make. Our production methods, combined with researched designs, help to make PolyPads one of the softest and most comfortable saddle pads for your horse. Despite many imitations, the PolyPads brand remains to be the market leader in practical, comfortable saddle pad solutions for your horse. We use the highest quality materials that have proven to last. We combined this performance material with well-researched, practical designs that serve to enhance your horse’s comfort. Our manufacturing methods, combined with top quality materials, have resulted in a soft, durable, comfortable saddle pad that you and your horse will love. 

The magic of PolyPads lies not only in the construction, but in the options of customisation. Each PolyPad can be designed in a range of different pad and binding colours and at least two different thicknesses. We also offer embroidery options on the majority of our PolyPads. Embroidered PolyPads make the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Our logo embroidery option is perfect for advertising your brand, business, club or team. They give professional look when out and about. If you’re looking at placing a bulk order for logo embroidered PolyPads, please contact us to find out more about our discounted rates.

Other Brands

Our sister brands, Comfort Zone Equestrian and New Equine Wear, are also handmade in the UK. Comfort Zone Equestrian provides luxurious fleeces and coolers for your horse and dog. Each product is made from highly wicking fabrics to keep pets comfortable. The smart, stylish rugs make great show rugs and are particularly useful after bathing or washing down. 

New Equine Wear is known for its top quality equine leg wear, with stylish and innovative designs. The boots have been designed to expertly complement each discipline, offering the very best protection and a smart appearance in every situation. 

We also have a slightly less ‘equestrian’ sister brand – Car Mats UK! Car Mats UK are British manufacturers of car mats, bootliners, seat covers, van mats are more. In a similar style to PolyPads, customers are able to customise the quality, colour and trim colour of their chosen product. The bootliners have proved especially popular for these with outdoor interests. The bootlines feature a fully tailored style which allows full use of the boot and seats. The material provides a wipe clean, smart layer of protection for your car’s interior. You can visit the website by clicking on the links above.