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PolyPads Ltd

The home of the original PolyPad range, NEW and Libby’s Tack.

Here at PolyPads we are committed to superior quality, longevity and value for money. Our products not only look good but are made to last far longer than imported brands, by using the highest quality materials in our UK based factory.

With all of our manufacturing taking place in the Midlands, we can customise almost any order from stunning embroidery, to your own custom sizing/ design.


Starting out as a fuss-free, pressure dispersing alternative for racehorses in the form of our distinctive saddle pads, PolyPads is now one of the best-known names in the market. Many have imitated, but none match our robust and resilient fibre core that refreshes wash after wash. We were the first to be recognised to give significant back protection, eliminate tricky saddle fittings and to reduce pressure points on your horse’s back.

Famous for our saddle pads, you may be less familiar with our same high quality travel and stable protection products along with our pet and rider equipment. Take a look at our full product range above, with the reassurance that you are buying PolyPad quality, longevity, value for money and UK based customer care.


New Equine Wear are one of the leaders in performance equine leg protection, with many top competitors trusting our quality and commitment to exceeding protections needs. With boots ranging from everyday brushing to magnetic for health, to super lightweight cross country with built-in high impact tendon protection; all of which have a timeless style and trusted quality. All New Equine Wear products are also made in our UK based premises.

Libby’s Tack

Libby’s is one of the best known names in the market for synthetic tack and dog leads. Widely used by converts from leather tack and endurance riders, Libby’s is also popular with children and people with disabilities, as some of our tack has “easy-on, easy-off” features such as clips rather than tricky buckles.

Libby’s products are made in our UK based premises, guaranteeing high quality, a wide range of colour choices and customisation upon request.

Tired of forever cleaning your leather tack? simply throw any of your Libby’s products in the washing machine to restore to their former glory. Libby’s are a great time saving solution.

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    When it comes to first-class British manufacturing PolyPads® are one of the best-known names in the business. Our innovative range of equestrian saddle pads, leg protectors and pet beds are designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK, using the highest quality materials available. Our products not only look good but are made to last far longer than imported budget brands.
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