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Keep your horses legs clean and protected with our soft, breathable and comfortable horse Travel Boots. These lightweight and protective boots are made from our durable polycotton. They are easy to wash, wear and fit.

We fit each boot with strong touch-tape straps. These straps help to achieve a secure, adjustable fit to suit your horse’s legs. The boots are available in three sizes; Pony, Cob or Full, so you can find the right fit for your horse. As always, there’s a large range of colours available – choose from over 200 colour combinations! With PolyPads, you can create the perfect boots for your horse. The handy Tail Rappa can be matched to the boots – create the perfect, co-ordinated look. Above all, these products help to keep your horse safe when on the trailer or lorry.

As a result of the soft fabrics, these boots allow your horse movement – unlike traditional, rigid boots. Despite their softness, the double layer of fabric provides protection and support should your horse catch themselves when travelling. We are often told that these the best travel boots for horses that don’t like rigid travel boots, because of their flexibility. They are ideal for protecting your horse’s delicate legs.

The polycotton material can be washed at 30°C in a domestic washing machine.  Keep your horse’s boots looking clean and smart wherever you go.

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(Please note, all boots are handmade and measurements may vary slightly. If you are unsure, please call us on 01623 622181 or email sales@polypads.co.uk for more information)

Pony Front – Length: 56cm. Width: 36.5cm
Pony Hind – Length: 64cm. Width: 36.5cm

Cob Front –  Length: 62cm. Width: 40.5cm
Cob Hind – Length: 71cm. Width: 43.5cm

Full Front – Length: 67.5cm. Width: 45.5cm
Full Hind – Length: 78cm. Width: 51cm


Weight 2 kg


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