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Travel Boots©

The new version of its Big Brother, the Leg Protector!

Still providing the great protection you expect from PolyPads, the slimline version of the Leg Protectors are easier to fit, store and much easier on your pocket!

Still providing the great protection you expect from PolyPads with our soft flexible cushioning material and are unlike many travel boots on the market today which are very stiff and not comfortable for the horse. PolyPads are able to offer great protection AND free movement for the horse but now in a smaller package.

Hind Legs: Have gently shaping at the hock and the bulbs of the heel with built-in scuff cuffs around the bottom for added durability and protection.

Front Legs: Have their opening at the back of the leg, with no join down the front. The overall style is designed to ensure a snug fit with knee coverage.

Available in 3 sizes:
PONY = Front 45cm & Hind 64cm
COB = Front 62cm & Hind 71cm
FULL = Front 67cm & Hind 78cm

NB: For more generous sizing & shaping, please refer to our Leg Protector option

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