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A useful addition to your tack room, the PolyPad Half Pad provides comfort, durability and pressure relief in the famous quilted material that we all know and trust.

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This lightweight, pressure relieving half pad is perfect for placing beneath the saddle. It is designed with a shaped spine that echoes the curve of the wither, securing the fit under saddle. The gently contoured skirt mimics the shape of the panels of the saddle to eliminate the risk of pressure points, ensuring comfort for your horse. Our durable, soft material makes it a great choice for every-day wear.  It is easy to wash and dry, which makes it a hygienic choice for both you and your horse.

The Half Pad can be used with or without another saddle pad to help improve comfort under saddle. This is perfect for horses who have lost muscle or weight and need a softer feel under saddle. View our full saddle pad range here.

The Half Pad is available in our full range of pad colours and binding colours so that you can design it yourself! This option of perfect for those who compete, as the pad can be design in all White or all Black to match to your competition attire. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not opt for a contrast trim to add some colour to your look? Matching the trim of your Half Pad to that of your saddle pad will create a smart, co-ordinated look that you will love!

Measurements (please note, all measurements are approximate due to the handmade nature of PolyPads)


Front to the back – 63cm.

Depth of back panel – 21cm

Depth of front panel – 36.5cm

Top measurement – 56.5cm


Front to the back – 53cm

Depth of back panel – 15cm

Depth of front panel – 29cm

Top measurement – 47.5cm

PolyPads are made to order in the UK.

Weight 0.9 kg
Pad Colour

Black (Out Of Stock), Brown, Navy, Smokey Grey, Royal, Maroon, Forest, Pink, White, Red, Turquoise

Binding Colour

Black, Brown, Navy, White, Maroon, Smokey Grey, Forest, Royal, Red, Turquoise, Gold Braid (Navy), Pink, Patriot, Newmarket, Tricolour, Emerald, Yellow, Rainbow, Grey Stripe, Atlantic


Pony, Standard


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