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The PolyPads Tail Rappa is the perfect alternative to tail bandages. It saves you time, effort and stress when getting your horse ready to travel!

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The Tail Rappa is very simple and easy to fit. Wrap it around your horse’s tail and fasten in one go with the wide touch tape strap. This is a much cleaner and simpler way than the usual tail bandage. It secures quickly all the way down the Tail Rappa, ensuring a firm, non-slip fit with good protection over your horse’s dock, preventing rubs and protecting the spine. The soft fleece inner is comfortable and cushioning.  The Tail Rappa is supplied in one size, with options for a customised fit thanks to the wide touch tape strap.

Unlike other guards that feature multiple straps across the tail, the Tail Rappa features one wide strap. This single strap reduces the risk of rubbing and hair loss, whilst also keeping your hands clean! Because the fastening is placed at the front of the guard, it is less likely to collect dust and shavings. The guard can even be washed easily – simply close the strap and wash in a domestic washing machine. The durable polycotton material retains its colour well and can stand up to the rigours of regular use, whilst the padded construction provides comfort and cushioning to your horse’s tail.

PolyPads all offer a wide range of colours; the Tail Rappa is no exception. Choose your pad colour and binding colour on our website – you can choose matching or contrasting colours to best suit your colour scheme! Why not match to your travel boots or rug for a smart, co-ordinated look?

If you love to have everything matching, why not check out our full range of PolyPads? Find the full colour range across all products!

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Measurements (Please note, measurements may vary as products are handmade):

Beneath dock to base – 43cm

Top of tail to base – 57cm

Width – 25cm

Weight 0.45 kg