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Which Thickness Do I Need?

Which Thickness Do I Need?

Horses and ponies often change shape over the course of a year. Different factors are often at play that require changes in padding under saddle, which is where our different options come in handy. 

In the Classic and Racer saddlepads, we offer the Single, PlusOne and Doubler thicknesses. The remainder of our saddlepads are available in Single and PlusOne thickness.

We always suggest that you discuss your saddle fit with your approved saddle fitter. 

Thicknesses Explained

Single thickness – This is our standard thickness and the one we recommend for the majority of horse owners. 

PlusOne thickness – A step up for the ‘Single’ thickness, ‘PlusOne’ adds an extra piece of fabric to increase the thickness under the saddle-bearing area. This options is often purchased by horse owners whose horses have lost some muscle or weight.

Doubler thickness – Available in the Classic or Racer pads, this option adds two extra pieces of fabric. This makes it equivalent to using two ‘Single’ thickness PolyPads. The Doubler is a popular choice for racing yards. 

It is easiest to think of the Single thickness as two pieces of fabric, the PlusOne as three pieces of fabric and the Doubler as four pieces of fabric. In all our PolyPads, the extra material sits beneath the saddle bearing area. This means it does not extend below the panels, so the extra thickness does not affect the rider’s leg against the horse.

Different saddles also allow different saddle pad options. For example, a Racing saddle is often used with multiple saddlepads to provide a kinder fit under saddle. The PlusOne option is also popular for ‘Pony Pad’ style saddles, that don’t have a tree. If you’re unsure, speak to your saddle fitter or contact us