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All natural horse shampoo, created by hand in the UK.

We are an all natural, eco-conscious brand focused on providing skin-happy products for your pets. We only use the highest quality essential oils and aloe vera bases to ensure that each product is kind to skin and kind to the environment. Made without all the nasty stuff to keep your pets looking and feeling well.

Our Shampoo Gel collection is perfect for providing gentle cleansing to your horse and dog’s coat. Each shampoo gel is easy to lather up and work deeply into the coat, leaving a long-lasting shine. Each shampoo gel is infused with high quality essential oils that work to nourish the skin and leave a delightful scent. All the shampoo gels and suitable for the mane, tail and coat.

Revitalise Shampoo Gel – Uplift the senses with this revitalising, nourishing shampoo. Created with grapefruit essential oils that are thought to ease muscle fatigue and elevate the mind.

Relax Me Shampoo Gel – Turn bath time into chill time with this effortlessly relaxing shampoo. Scents of Lavender and Geranium help to relax the mind and muscles for a soothing, claming wash that will leave your horse smelling delightful and looking incredible.

Cleansing Shampoo Gel – Cleanse the skin with this warming shampoo. Notes of Cinnamon and Orange invigorate and cleanse the skin, with Cinnamon thought to deter bugs and eggs. Perfect for year-round use.

Brightening Shampoo Gel – Make those white patches dazzle with our powerful brightening shampoo. The gentle ingredients help to remove stains and neutralise the look of yellow, brassy tones – perfect for greys, coloureds and white socks. Lemongrass scnted.

Fly Be Gone Shampoo Gel – Help to repel those annoying flies with this delightfully fresh citronella shampoo. The powerful scent of citronella is thought to repel biting insects, helping your horse to feel happier and more comfortable.

Refresh Shampoo Gel – Invigorate and refresh your horse’s muscles with our delightfully minty shampoo. Infused with spearmint and peppermint essential oils to create a refreshing, invigorating and delectably fresh shampoo.

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Brightening, Cleansing, Fly Be Gone, Refresh, Relax Me, Revitalise


200ml, 500ml


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