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The PolyPads Forma is one of the original PolyPad designs. The numnah style shape has proved incredibly popular, and is available in three different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit. This style of PolyPad is popular for horses who require the back protection of PolyPads, but who need to stay cooler under saddle. Because of the contoured shape, the Forma achieves this.

The Forma in full size features a high wither, which helps you to enhance fit under saddle and makes fitting easier. The generous panel size allows this PolyPad to be used with a variety of saddle types, so it is the ideal choice for riders with multiple saddles. If you’re looking for a numnah style PolyPad that is designed to fit a GP saddle, why not check out the GP Forma, or if  you have a Jump saddle, take a look at the Jump Forma.

We also make the Forma in Pony and Shetland size. These smaller sizes are designed to be flat across the back, which echoes the shape of the typical flat-backed pony. This design is therefore perfect for those who use a pony pad or cub saddle. By removing the seam along the spine, we avoid pressure points that may cause discomfort. Every size in the range is made from the famous, durable PolyPad polycotton material, which is quilted to a cushioned fibre core for long lasting protection. The Forma is available in our full range of colours and can be made in Single or PlusOne thickness. If you want to learn more about PolyPad thicknesses, read our blog by clicking here.

The Forma can be supplied with or without girth loops; please indicate your preference when ordering.


Shetland Pad length: 54cm (along the spine). Pad Width: 86cm (side to side).

Pony Pad length: 60cm (along the spine).  Pad Width: 92cm (side to side).

Standard Pad length: 66cm (along the spine). Pad width: 107cm (side to side).

PolyPads are made to order in the UK.

Weight 1 kg
Pad Colour

Black, Brown, Navy, Smokey Grey, Royal, Maroon, Forest, Pink, White, Red, Turquoise

Binding Colour

Black, Brown, Navy, White, Maroon, Smokey Grey, Forest, Royal, Turquoise, Gold Braid (Navy), Pink, Patriot, Newmarket, Tricolour, Emerald, Yellow, Rainbow, Grey Stripe, Atlantic


Shetland, Pony, Standard


Single, PlusOne


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