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Matchy Matchy Is Out… It’s Time to Stand Out From the Crowd!

Picture this – you are browsing your favourite tack shop and you’ve just found the most gorgeous saddle pad in the precisely perfect shade of pastel pink that will go so well with your Palomino… and not only that, but there’s matching leg wraps, fly veil, hat silk and base-layer too and you absolutely MUST have all of them right now!

…We’ve all been there!

But this incessant trend of colour co-ordinating yourself and your horse’s equipment does in fact have its downsides. With the current financial climate and rising cost of living, a lot of us are feeling the pinch at the moment. Owning horses is not cheap by any means, that’s without factoring in the price of multiple sets of matchy matchy outfits for you and your horse in different colourways!

Not only is this trend expensive, but it isn’t great for the planet either – this fast-fashion trend that sees many people own several varieties of a product in different colours (fly veils, for example) where they may in fact only really need 1 or 2, means more of the negative effects on the planet that go into manufacturing that product, like emissions from transportation and shipping.

All of our PolyPads are designed and manufactured right here in the UK at our factory in Nottinghamshire. So, if you shop with us you’re not just minimising your carbon footprint, but you are supporting the British manufacturing industry, which over the last 30 years has shrunk by over two-thirds!

So, should we sack off this trend? It seems that many people in the equestrian fashion community are already moving away from ‘matchy matchy’ with a rise in the colour-blocking trend, which is not only better for your purse, but the environment too!

At PolyPads, we want you to stand out from the crowd! Go against the matchy culture and wear that Purple saddle pad with your Fuchsia hat silk! Because after all, why follow when you can lead? Start your own trend!

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