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PolyPads and TCS – One Year Later

The month of April marks a year since the very first prototype saddlecloth for the innovative Total Contact Saddle was made by PolyPads. It came about after a conversation between Stuart, the then-director of Total Contact Saddles, and PolyPads. Many riders who use the Total Contact Saddle were already using PolyPads to help create a comfortable fit for their horse, and so it was decided that a purpose-made PolyPad would be made to better suit the needs of the rider. The Total Contact Saddle is a completely unique saddle – in that it’s not a traditional saddle at all! As the name suggests, the Total Contact Saddle enhances contact between horse and rider by doing away with the traditional tree and seat; instead, the minimalist design gives the rider the support of stirrups and allows them to feel every movement of the horse.

TCS Pad and Saddle
The TCS Saddle with the PolyPad

The Total Contact Saddle often sounds ‘too good to be true’; it is lightweight, doesn’t cause pressure points and incredibly, fits any horse. It’s become a must-have for the owners of hard-to-fit horses, whose wide barrels and lack of wither mean that a traditional treed saddle simply slides about. It’s become equally popular with these wishing to find a closer connection with their horse.

When we were asked to create a purpose made PolyPads for the TCS, there was plenty to consider! Between us, we agreed that by creating a pad in the ‘single thickness’ (the standard PolyPad thickness) would give more options for riders to creating their own padding solutions for their horses. We then considered the needs of the rider, adding five D rings to hang things from, whether this be a map, a drink, or a small bag. We also added pockets to the rear of the saddlepad, which have proved incredibly popular! The final addition was the non-slip mesh, which has helped to create a more secure seat for the rider. This purpose-made PolyPad for the TCS has become very popular and is now used internationally by riders with the TCS saddle. When Stuart stepped down and handed the business over to Lisa, we introduced more colour options to the TCS PolyPad – previously available in Black and Brown, we have since added Turquoise, Maroon, Forest and Navy to the mix! Riders can now choose the colour of the TCS PolyPad to best match their horse.

TCS Brown
The TCS saddlepad is available in a variety of colours

The Total Contact Saddle is available with long or short billets, in Black or Havana Brown. There is also a synthetic (vegan) version, plus a ‘Premium’ version, which is available in Oakwood Tan, Mahogany or Black. There’s plenty of options, so you can pick your perfect match. The saddle comes in one size but fits every horse – from 10.2hh Shetlands to 17.2hh warmbloods! This incredible saddle is the solution to many horse owner’s problems. If you’re unsure about the TCS saddle, there’s even an option for a two-week trial, so you can be sure that you and your horse are happy with this new way of riding. If you’re interested in learning more about the Total Contact Treeless Saddle, visit the website and explore the many benefits of the TCS saddle.

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