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The Premier Dressage PolyPad combines the traditional PolyPad comfort with a modern design.  The Premier Dressage is ideal for competition and training due to the stylish, customisable design.

The Dressage Premier is designed with a straight cut front, cutting back to the wither to help show off the shoulder. This style fits with the majority of Dressage saddles, for a tidy and professional finish. The shaped spine encourages the PolyPad to fit neatly under the saddle, helping to keep your horse comfortable. The shape also makes the PolyPad easier to fit. The fit is aided with the addition of girth loops at the base of the PolyPad. These simple girth loops are strong and secure, providing extra reassurance that the PolyPad will stay securely in place.

The Premier PolyPad is made using the same material as the rest of the range. These materials provide unrivalled comfort and pressure relief under saddle, without causing excess heat. Air circulation is achieved with the polycotton fabrics and lightweight interlocking inner filament, helping to keep your horse working to their full potential.

PolyPads are made to order in the UK.



Dressage Premier (Full)
Spine (Wither to Rear) – 63cm
Centre of PolyPad to Girth Loop (Drop) – 55cm
Wither to Base (Drop) – 59cm
Middle of Knee Roll to Rear of PolyPad – 68cm

*Please Note all measurements do not include the binding* 



Weight 1.3 kg
Pad Colour


Binding Colour

Black, Brown, Navy, White, Maroon, Smokey Grey, Forest, Royal, Turquoise, Gold Braid (Navy), Pink, Patriot, Newmarket, Tricolour, Emerald, Yellow, Rainbow, Grey Stripe, Atlantic


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