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GP Forma PolyPad

All GP Forma PolyPads are single (standard) thickness and full size. Please note: Sale items cannot be returned.

The GP Forma is a smart, stylish numnah for GP saddles. The saddle-shaped design follows the contours of a general purpose saddle to achieve a neat, lightweight fit under saddle, giving a smart appearance. Because the numnah is curved slightly at the front, it accommodates a range of knee rolls. The GP Forma also features a shaped, high-wither spine which helps the PolyPad to sit neatly under saddle and therefore makes fitting easier. Simply pull into the gullet of your saddle for a comfortable fit. This contoured design is a popular choice for those who prefer a more subtle fit, or for horses who work hard. The shaped design provides the protection you expect of PolyPads, with minimum back coverage for a cool and breathable fit.

The GP Forma features girth loops for a secure fit. This is perfect for those who work hard and move fast!

Measurements (please note, all measurements are approximate due to the handmade nature of PolyPads):

Full Size

Along spine – 63cm

Wither to base – 54cm

Front curve to back curve – 47cm

*Please Note all measurements do not include the binding* 

Pad Colour

Buttermilk, Olive, Smokey Grey (Out Of Stock)

Binding Colour

Atlantic, Black, Brown, Emerald, Forest, Gold Braid (Navy), Grey Stripe, Maroon, Navy, Newmarket, Orange, Patriot, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Royal, Silver Braid, Smokey Grey, Tricolour, Turquoise, White, Yellow


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