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NEW! Stable Drapes & Stall Guard from PolyPads

This week, we launched our all-new Stable Drapes and Stall Guard. Unlike PolyPads, they’re not soft and cushioning – but they are hardwearing, made in Britain and are available in a variety of colours!

We know how much you love designing your PolyPads, so we were keen to offer a variety of different colours in our stable drapes too. You can create your drape in five different main colours and thirteen different trim colours. We’ve included free text embroidery in the price too – why not add your name, your horse’s name, your emergency contact number, or use it to advertise your brand, business, show team or event team? The drapes and guard make ideal gifts for yourself or a friend, being personalised and practical.

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The Stall Guard (also known as a stable guard) is a must-have for stay away shows, but is also a great accessory for use at home. We’ve created the option of eyelets/grommets in each corner for your own attachments, or you can choose adjustable trigger clips. These adjustable clips are 20cm long and extend up to 29cm overall, so you can customise it to your stable.

We know that not every stable is the same, which is why we offer the ‘made-to-measure’ option. Here, you can enter your own measurements for an instant price and choose from eyelets or clips. Text embroidery is included in the price too. Why not treat yourself to a truly bespoke guard that will stand out from the crowd? Find it by clicking here.

Our Half Drape is a great choice for stay away shows too. It’s easy to fit to your stable, with four hook and loop straps and six eyelets that offer a variety of tie-down options. The Half Drape is ideal for blocking the top of the stable door, creating a calmer environment for your horse. It also provides shade, which is ideal for a warmer day. You can embroider the drape with text or a logo – it’s a great way to advertise yourself, or use this option to advertise your business or team.

The Full Drape is also a must-have for stay away shows. It covers the majority of the stable door or can be hung next to the stable door, providing further branding opportunities. Similarly to the Half Drape, the Full Drape can help to create a calmer environment and can be used to block out light on warm days. The Full Drape provides the same attachments as the Half Drape, so you can be sure of a secure fit.


We provide the Stall Guard in a standard size of 110cm x 60cm. The Half Drape comes in a standard size of 130cm x 100cm and the Full Drape in a standard size of 130cm x 200cm. If these sizes don’t work for you, don’t worry! Enter your measurements on the Stall Guard, Half Drape or Full Drape for an instant price. You can still take advantage of the many colour options available, plus embroidery options.

The Drapes and Guard are perfect for home and away, with a variety of different colour and embroidery options available to make them personal to you. Each product is made by hand in Britain by our experienced team to your requirements. View the range by clicking here.

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