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Introducing the Shetland PolyPads

It was early April 2019 when we first made the Shetland Classic. It was designed for Teddy the Shetland and his diminutive riders, Kizzy and Ettie. Since then, we have designed a Shetland Forma and a ‘Kizzy and Ettie Special’ version of the Shetland, helping to solve tack issues for our smaller equine friends.

PolyPads are known for their durability and comfort. These qualities really come into their own when paired with cub saddles and pony pad saddles, which often don’t have a tree to help support and distribute the rider’s weight. Add to this the potential pressure from the stirrup bars and a bouncing rider learning rising trot, and the pony’s back quickly comes under pressure.
A pony pad commonly used is the Shires Velociti GAGA Pony Pad (previously known as the Shires Aviemore Pony Pad), which fits well with the Shetland PolyPads.

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PolyPads provide excellent cushioning under saddle to help disperse pressure – and small riders have even commented that the PolyPad helps to cushion them too! It’s proved to be a popular product for all concerned.

The Shetland PolyPads may be small, but they are still made with the same high quality materials and craftsmanship as the rest of the PolyPads range. We make every product by hand in the UK, which gives us excellent quality control and customisation options. PolyPads can be made in a choice of 12 pad colours and 23 binding colours. We know that some riders can be very specific with their colour requests, so we hope that this will give some choice.

Due to the shape of the Shetland Forma, we don’t offer embroidery options – but we can embroider the Shetland Classic. There’s plenty of choice, as you may expect! Choose from 8 fonts and 11 colours and add up to 20 characters of text, which can be applied on one or both sides of your PolyPad. These options allow you to create a truly unique, bespoke saddle pad that will last and last.

‘Kizzy and Ettie Special’

The ‘Kizzy and Ettie Special’ is an amendment of the Shetland Forma, made to the requirements of Kizzy and Ettie. They requested that the sides be shortened to allow small legs to make better contact with the horse. They also added girth loops to help secure the saddle and saddle pad together, plus a non-slip mesh to help anchor the saddle in place. The saddle pad has been well and truly put to the test and has performed very well!

All of the Shetland PolyPads are suitable for use with smaller saddles, are available in our full colour range and have a choice of two thicknesses. This way, you can create the ideal PolyPad for your needs. 

Find the Shetland Classic here, the Shetland Forma here, and the ‘Kizzy and Ettie Special’ here.

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