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Do you want to embroider your PolyPad?

We are proud to offer embroidery on the majority of our PolyPad range. We have two six-head and four single-head embroidery machines, which allow us to embroider your chosen PolyPad with your text, logo or both!  

Embroidered PolyPads are perfect as a gift for you or a friend – we can add your name, your horse’s name or even your logo! This service is also ideal for businesses who want to embroider saddle pads with their logo for prize giving or for promoting their business. We offer competitive rates on bulk orders – please contact us for more information. 

To create your embroidered PolyPad, simply choose the shape you would like and click ‘Add Embroidery’ to bring up the embroidery tool. From here, you can choose the location, angle, colour and font of your required text. At PolyPads, we embroider before manufacture, so there’s no unsightly threads that may irritate your horse. 

If you’d like to add a logo to your PolyPad, simply email it over in a JPEG or DST format to sales@polypads.co.uk. DST files are embroidery-ready files. If you do not have a DST file, we will need to convert it to a DST – if you require this, simply click ‘Digitisation Required’ and we will covert your logo for you!

Embroidery top tips:

• Choose a font that is clear and easy to read.

• Matching your embroidery colour to your binding colour, or choosing a colour that compliments the pad and binding colour makes your PolyPad look smart and professional. 

• Longer text may need to be reduced in size or put on multiple lines to make it fit – bear this in mind when you order!

• Using your PolyPad for competitions? Make sure you check the affiliating body’s guidelines! Usually, the maximum size is 200cm², but be sure to check and advise us if you require specific dimensions.