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Polar ColdPak Additional Powders

Polar ColdPak Additional Powders

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The Polar ColdPak©
Removable & re-useable, the Polar ColdPak© is specifically developed to cool legs after strenuous exercise or injury. The ColdPak is filled with a nano-composite powder which remains malleable when frozen, allowing it to be moulded comfortably around the tendon.

The ColdPak© is neatly slotted into a pocket within the Polar Rappa©, making it efficient and hygienic to use when on the horses leg, therefore avoiding any cold burns. It stays clean inside the pocket and can be removed easily for re-freezing. They are 50% lighter than similar sized gel packs & are reusable for up to 200 times.

Why buy the Polar Rappa over other options?
Vets & farriers usually recommend that the optimum requirement would be a 20 minute treatment, with the temperature maintained throughout.

Gels & ice alternatives will naturally start at a cold temperature, but 20mins later will be many degrees warmer as the heat from the horse warms them. ColdPaks are different as the “powder” releases the same temperature for a 20-25min treatment period – which is exactly what the experts prefer.

These extra ColdPaks© are perfect for rotating or replacing other ColdPaks.