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Hi-Viz PolyPads Universal

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The versatile High-Profile oval design – the refined sister of the popular Classic© is available in fluorescent polycotton conforming to EN1150: 1999 visibility clothing for non-professional use. An added reflective silver tape across the back over our normal binding makes it even more visible in poor light.

Originally designed to accommodate horses with higher withers, the Universal© is shaped and bound along the spine, with an off-set double seam to reduce bulk. This makes it simple to fit as it lies naturally in position across the back, while providing more clearance over the withers for total comfort.

Both the front and back corners of the Universal© are gently rounded to follow the contours of the saddle and can also be used on the reverse side as there are no straps or loops to restrict you, giving you maximum ware and added value.

The reverse is Black which allows dual usage of your pad for times when Fluorescent Yellow is not required.