Dog Bed Embroidered Lettering
Dog Bed Embroidered Lettering

Dog Bed Embroidered Lettering

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Customise Your Pets Ped

*Embroidery only, please add your desired pet bed to your cart. 

We can embroider any of our pet beds with either your pets name, your house name, your works name, the breed name or even a sponsors name – Virtually Anything!

We suggest nothing more than an 20cm stretch and will adjust the height of your letters accordingly unless you request differently.

We suggest a script in Upper and Lower case (as pictured) or plain text in Upper or Lower case. These two seem to be the most popular as they are easier to read, but we have others so please feel free to request a font.

We usually embroider diagonally across the corner but it can be in straight lines or along one edge if preferred – or even in two places.