XC Airoflow (Code: 910)

XC Airoflow (Code: 910)
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  • Ventilating fabric
  • Soft, breathable lining
  • Keeps tendons cool


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The XC Airoflow boot has a unique ground-breaking design, offering a new dimension in leg cooling, protection and comfort. This boot doesn’t just breathe; it ‘ventilates’ large volumes of air in a constant flow, to keep the leg (and particularly the tendons) cooler during strenuous work.

Made from an extremely tough mesh on the outside and a comfortable but strong, free-flow foam lining, the design also incorporates our immensely strong splinter-proof, tendon and cannon bone guards. This boot is truly unique – the harder the horse is working, the greater the flow of cooling air. Ideal for cross country, racing or any faster work. Machine washable at 30ºC.

Colour : Black
Sizes : Small – Medium – Large (Front & Hind)

Technical Specifications

SizeFrontHindNo. of Straps
SL23cm W27cmL29cm W27cmFront: 2 Hind: 3
ML25cm W29cmL32cm W29.5cmFront: 2 Hind: 3
LL26cm W34cmL34.5cm W33cmFront: 2 Hind: 3

New Equine Wear FAQs

What are the most breathable boots you offer?

The 'Airoflow' style boots are the most breathable boots that we manufacture. These boots doesn’t just breathe; they ‘ventilate’ large volumes of air in a constant flow, to keep the leg cooler during work.

The XC Airoflow boots are perfect for keeping the leg and tendons cool during strenuous work. 

Brushing Boot Airoflow has a strong, protective brushing pad; this boot is particularly suited to fast work, flatwork training, or any exercise activity during hot weather.

What boots can I use on front and hind?

Whilst some boots are designed to fit front or hind legs, some of our boots can be used universally. These boots are:

  • Brushing Boot Airoflow 
  • Brushing Boot Lite
  • Soft Touch Brushing Boot 
  • Magnetic Therapy Brushing Boots
  • Freedom Stretch Turnout Boots
  • Vent-tex Leg Wraps 
  • Cool Leg Wraps 
How do the cool wraps work?

Simply place in cold water and leave to soak for 30-40 minutes and the internal crystals will turn to a cold gel. The Cool wraps/boots maintains the temperature during the recommended 20 minute treatment period, unlike ice.

For even colder wraps, soak in ice water and apply in the same way. Alternatively, the wraps can be used for heat therapy; simply soak in warm water and apply in the same way.

Where are the tendon guards located?

All of our XC, Tendon and Fetlock boots are fitted with a tendon guard.

In the front boots, this guard is located to the back of the boots. It helps to support the tendon upon landing, and prevents damage from an active hind leg. The tendon guard is positioned at the front of the hind boots, acting to absorb impact should the horse make contact with a fence.

In the fetlock boots, the guard sits to the back, helping to support the tendon on landing. 

My saddle slips - how can I prevent this?

Our non-slip saddle mesh is very popular. This highly effective mesh is strong, thin, breathable and incredibly lightweight, helping to secure your horse's saddle. 

What is Medium/Wide?

Medium/Wide boots are the same length as the medium size but with the same width as the Large, making them perfect for horses with plenty of bone, such as cobs.