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  • Ideal for Western or Stock Saddles


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Made from the same proven materials but manufactured into a square (86cm x 86cm). PolyPads offer a smart, easy-care alternative to the felt and wool blankets that are generally used under a Western Saddle.

It provides safe, sensible back protection and alleviates the need for more than one pad under the saddle with a ‘PlusOne’ standard thickness. This pad size is also good for those looking for something longer in the back, adding 20cm in length to our Classic PolyPad.

Classic FAQs

Will I need a Pony Classic or Standard Classic?

This largely depends on the length and style of your saddle, and the fit you want to achieve. The sizing differences are listed below, but as a general guide, the Pony Classic tends to fit ponies with a saddle size up to 15.5", and any larger saddles suiting the Standard Classic.


  • Pony Classic - Pad length: 57cm (along the spine). Pad width: 84cm (side to side).
  • Standard Classic - Pad length: 66cm (along the spine). Pad width: 94cm (side to side)
How should my PolyPad fit?

It is important that you fit the PolyPad correctly to achieve the best comfort for your horse and to reduce the chances of the PolyPad slipping back. When you fit your PolyPad, ensure that it is pulled up into the gullet of the saddle to prevent bunching and rubbing, something that could also cause the PolyPad to slip back.

You will need to have approximately an inch of the PolyPad in front of the saddle to allow for it to grip and prevent slipping. This is very important to achieve a secure fit. 

If your PolyPad slips, we would recommend that you speak with your saddle fitter to ensure that your saddle and PolyPad are fitting well together. It may be that your horse has changed shape and a different fit is required.