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Scawbrig (Bit-Less Bridle)


Scawbrig (Bit-Less Bridle)

Fully adjustable double thickness soft 19mm (3/4″) bridle web for strength. Designed as a ‘kind’ Hackamore for horses with soft mouths or horses experiencing bit related problems. Control is obtained by pressure round the nose and lower jaw when the reins are used.

This bridle is also fitted with dees for attaching combination cheek pieces so that it can be used with a bit if desired. NOTE: Reins are available separately.

Please note: The nose unit is available to purchase separately. Please see “bridle part” page.

PONY: Bit to Bit (over the poll) : 76cm – 94cm
Noseband : 46cm – 57cm – Browband : 35cm

COB Bit to Bit (over the poll) : 90cm – 108cm
Noseband : 52cm – 61cm – Browband : 38cm

FULL Bit to Bit (over the poll) : 105cm – 121cm
Noseband : 64cm – 70cm – Browband : 40cm

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