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RS-tor© Rider Safety Aid *** AS SEEN ON TV ***


The RS-tor (pronounced ‘Arrestor’) is an innovative, British-made product for horse riders that helps develop rider balance & allows the rider to stay safer in the saddle during any discipline or activity. Contrary to popular belief, many experts maintain that experienced riders on well-trained, older horses are statistically more likely to be injured, as they accumulate more hours in the saddle in a given time period.

– Consists of a light, webbing strap attaches to the saddle stirrup bars and includes an elasticated element that absorbs movement.
– Gives an arm’s length of security during a spook, jump, buck or rear.
– Features a comfortable handle that is held like a riding crop.
– Gives the rider the unique advantage of knowing that help is literally at hand in unexpected situations.
– Can be used by riders of all levels.

PLEASE VISIT www.rstor.co.uk for more information, images and video footage.

***** Has a British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Safety and Security Innovation Award *****

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RS-tor Fitting Instructions

1) Remove your stirrups and attach the RS-tor Straps over your stirrup bars
2) Replace the stirrups & adjust the strap lengths so that the first ‘O’ ring sits central

1) When seated and holding the RS-tor handle, hold your arm horizontal in any direction
2) If the strap is not tight you must reduce both of the stirrup strap lengths equally
3) If the strap is not allowing you to straighten your arm then loosen the stirrup straps

NOTE: The strap should tension during the last straightenings of your arm, this allows you complete natural movement but prevents you from going beyond you natural riding position.

If you are propelled in any direction beyond your natural position you can lean on or pull the RStor handle to restore you to your seated position.

TEST: Once the lengths have been set to your reach, test the RS-tor by leaning forward (as if the horse has bucked) and push your weight onto the RS-tor handle keeping your arm straight – you should barely move from your saddle and the recoil of the RS-tor strap will assist you.

You can repeat the above tests by leaning to either side and either pushing against or pulling the RS-tor handle to restore you to your seat.

CHILD: For Riders with small hands as the handle width is thinner
SMALL: For Riders shorter than 5’4″ or Novice GP Riders
MED/LARGE: For Riders above 5’4″ or Riders whom jump beyond 2’6″ and need to stretch further up the neck of the horse without restriction

NB: The handle length is not critical as you can adjust the overall length from your stirrup straps. The above fitting instructions are more important

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