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Outsider Bed (Large) 120x94cm


Outsider© Pet Bed (Plus One Thickness)

With its choice of sizes the PolyPads® Outsider© is suitable for every type of pet. It is ideal for the house, car, kennel, sofa or anywhere else your pet wants to lay.   NB: The Large Bed only comes with one thickness option as standard so it will fit in a standard 8kg washing machine.

The special construction cleverly dries wet pets using accumulated body heat, helping to alleviate stiffness and arthritis. It is a hygienic choice as both the outer and the inner of the bed are washed together helping to eliminate parasites.

The quilted material is very easy to vacuum clean helping to reduce dust and hair accumulation.

We manufacture 3 standard sizes but if something different is required please let us know. You are buying British and everything is made on site in England, so you CAN get bespoke and it won’t take forever and won’t cost a fortune!

PLEASE NOTE: We have made “St Bernard Beds” at 5’x3’6″ (150x105cm) so anything is possible. Also, why not add a finishing touch, we can embroider any of out Pet Beds with your pets name on it. (Please see the website embroidery section)

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