Long Classic

Long Classic
£44.99 Includes VAT

• Perfect for dressage saddles

• Fully reversible

• Customisable

Our Price:  £44.99 Includes VAT

✅ This product can be embroidered.

The PolyPads Long Classic is manufactured the same width along the spine as the standard Classic, but is designed with approximately 13cm extra depth to allow for the added length of a dressage saddle. This increased length should accommodate the deepest of saddle flaps.

PolyPads disperse pressure over the entire saddle-bearing area and will accommodate the changing shape of your horse throughout the seasons, allowing the back muscles to relax & work freely.

The ‘Reversible’ option in the Classic and Long Classic allows two different pad colours to be selected, with one binding

Pad length: 66cm (along the spine). Pad width: 107cm (side to side).

Classic FAQs

Will I need a Pony Classic or Standard Classic?

This largely depends on the length and style of your saddle, and the fit you want to achieve. The sizing differences are listed below, but as a general guide, the Pony Classic tends to fit ponies with a saddle size up to 15.5", and any larger saddles suiting the Standard Classic.


  • Pony Classic - Pad length: 57cm (along the spine). Pad width: 84cm (side to side).
  • Standard Classic - Pad length: 66cm (along the spine). Pad width: 94cm (side to side)