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Field Headcollar


Field Headcollar

Prevent injuries to your horse, pony or foal whilst grazing with a Libbys Field Headcollar.

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t really turn your horse out into the field with a Headcollar on, however we all know that some days they can be difficult to catch and you wish they did have one on, so here is the compromise:

Designed so that you can turn them out in confidence knowing that if they were to put there head somewhere they shouldn’t and become caught eg. under or through the fence – then one sharp pull and the velcro would release, dropping the headcollar to the ground and free your horse without injury or damage to your headcollar.

Available in a range of sizes including:
Small, Medium and Large Foal, plus Pony, Cob & Full
Please note the foal sizes are made with 19mm Web, the others 25mm

They are also available in a range of colours – we strongly suggest going bright so that it is easier to spot if it does become unattached.

NOSE SIZES:- Small Foal (32cm) ~ Medium Foal (36cm) ~ Large Foal (40cm) ~ Pony (52cm) ~ Cob (62cm) ~ Full (66cm)

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