Elite GP

Elite GP
£42.99Includes VAT
  • Smart look
  • Perfect for GP saddles
  • Elasticated D-ring clips

Our Price: £42.99Includes VAT

✅ This product can be embroidered.

New to PolyPads are the Elite pads, a range of high-end saddle pads that are perfect for competition. The refined, slimline look creates a smart appearance, no matter what the occasion. 

The PolyPads brand is known for high quality and longevity - and this is not lost within the Elite Pad. The pad is enhanced with the inclusion of girth guards, providing incredibly high protection against wear. With the contoured fit along the spine, the Elite pads sit neatly for maximum comfort.

The Elite GP Pad features a contoured design that accommodates the knee roll of a GP saddle. It is available in the standard thickness, with a 'PlusOne' option available, where extra padding is placed along either side of the spine for ultimate comfort and pressure bearing relief.