Dressage Driving Roller Pad

Dressage Driving Roller Pad
£9.99Includes VAT
  • Slimline design
  • Alleviates pressure
  • Non-slip design

Our Price: £9.99Includes VAT

The Dressage Driving Roller is designed to be inconspicuously attached to the driving saddle, protecting your horse's back whilst remaining unseen during competition.

The main purpose is to effectively disperse and alleviate pressure points from the harness, especially on the point of shoulder where the movement can cause rubbing. These are not as wide or as long as the standard Driving Roller Pad, making them easily hidden and far more discreet.

The Dressage Driving Roller Pad is available in all colours, however choosing colours that match your harness allows for a discreet look.

49cm x 13cm.