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Classic PolyPad

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The Classic PolyPad started the brand over 30 years ago, and remains one of our most popular products to this day. This saddle pad from PolyPads is a classically simple design – there’s no fuss, no straps – simply fit and go ride! The simple shape is incredibly durable, hardwearing and is fully reversible, giving you added value. It’s the perfect work pad.

The Classic can be used with a multitude of different saddle types. The smart, quilted material is perfect for competition, but is tough enough to stand up to everyday use. Our famous polycotton is know not only for its strength, but for its comfort – it is perfect for sensitive horses.

Full Classic: Pad length: 66cm (along the spine). Pad width: 94cm (side to side)

Weight 1 kg
Colour Combination

Black/Atlantic, Black/Atlantic (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Black/Black, Black/Candyfloss, Black/Emerald, Black/Grey Stripe, Black/Navy (Gold Braid), Black/Orange, Black/Orange (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Black/Rainbow, Black/Red, Black/Red (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Black/Royal, Black/Silver Braid, Black/Tricolour, Black/Turquoise (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Black/White & Red, Black/Yellow, Black/Yellow (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Brown/Brown, Brown/Brown (With Girth Straps), Brown/Forest Green, Brown/Navy, Brown/Newmarket, Brown/Orange, Brown/Red, Brown/Tricolour, Brown/Yellow, Buttermilk/Creme Caramel, Buttermilk/Navy (Gold Braid), Forest/Atlantic, Forest/Black, Forest/Emerald, Forest/Forest, Forest/Navy (Gold Braid), Forest/Newmarket, Forest/Orange, Forest/Patriot, Forest/Rainbow, Forest/Red, Forest/Red (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Forest/Royal, Forest/Silver Braid, Forest/Smokey Grey, Forest/Soft Blue, Forest/Tricolour, Forest/Tricolour (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Forest/Turquoise, Forest/White, Forest/White (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Forest/Yellow, Grey/Black, Grey/Emerald, Grey/Grey, Grey/Purple, Grey/Silver Braid, Grey/Soft Blue, Grey/Yellow, Ice Blue/Atlantic, Ice Blue/Atlantic (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Ice Blue/Patriot (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Ice Blue/Royal, Ice Blue/Silver Braid (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Ice Blue/Turquoise, Maroon/Emerald, Maroon/Grey Stripe, Maroon/Light Grey, Maroon/Maroon, Maroon/Navy, Maroon/Navy (Gold Braid), Maroon/Newmarket, Maroon/Patriot, Maroon/Royal, Maroon/Royal (With Embroidered Logo), Maroon/Silver Braid, Maroon/Smokey Grey, Maroon/Turquoise, Maroon/Yellow, Navy/Atlantic, Navy/Black, Navy/Emerald, Navy/Light Grey, Navy/Maroon, Navy/Navy, Navy/Navy (Gold Braid), Navy/Newmarket, Navy/Newmarket (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Navy/Orange, Navy/Patriot, Navy/Pink, Navy/Red, Navy/Soft Blue, Navy/Tricolour, Navy/Yellow (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Pink/Candyfloss, Pink/Light Grey, Pink/Navy (Gold Braid), Pink/Patriot, Pink/Pink, Pink/Purple, Pink/Silver Braid, Pink/Smokey Grey, Pink/Turquoise, Purple/Atlantic, Purple/Black, Purple/Grey Stripe, Purple/Pink, Purple/Rainbow, Purple/Yellow, Red/Black, Red/Forest, Red/Light Grey, Red/Patriot, Red/Red, Red/Royal, Red/Tricolour, Royal/Black, Royal/Candyfloss, Royal/Emerald, Royal/Navy (Gold Braid), Royal/Patriot, Royal/Pink, Royal/Rainbow, Royal/Red, Royal/Red (With Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Royal/Royal, Royal/Silver Braid, Royal/Smokey Grey, Royal/Yellow, Turquoise/Silver Braid, Turquoise/Turquoise, White/Navy (Gold Braid), White/Silver Braid, White/White, Black/Black (Gold Braid), Black/Black (Silver Braid), Black/Black Gold Braid, Black/Black Silver Braid, Black/New Market, Black/Royal (with Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Brown/Black (Gold Braid), Brown/Black (Silver Braid), Buttermilk/Forest, Forest/Black Gold Braid, Forest/Olive, Forest/Pink, Grey/Black Gold Braid, Grey/Black Silver Braid, Grey/Orange, Grey/Sky Blue, Ice Blue/Smokey Grey, Maroon/Rainbow, Navy/Silver Braid, Navy/Smokey Grey, Navy/Yellow, Olive/Black, Olive/Black (Silver Braid), Olive/Brown, Olive/Olive, Pink/Royal (with Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Pink/White, Purple/Black Silver Braid, Purple/White Silver Braid, Smokey Grey/Red, Smokey Grey/Yellow, Turquoise/Navy (with Embroidered PolyPads Logo), Turquoise/Navy Gold Braid, Turquoise/White Silver Braid, White/Atlantic, White/White Silver Braid – PolyPad Logo


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