Brushing Boot Fleece (Code 951 - 954)

Brushing Boot Fleece (Code 951 - 954)
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  • Soft and comfortable
  • High duty outer
  • Touch tape straps


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Achieve supreme comfort with a unique internal strike pad which absorbs shock - but cannot become unstitched. The deep, soft, quick drying fleece lining provides maximum comfort and is the best barrier to keep out dirt. The extra high duty outer covering provides strength and a very long life. Recommended for all recreational riding, offering comfort and protection during exercise or turn out.

Colours : Black or Brown
Sizes : Small – Medium – Med/Wide – Large (front & hind)

Technical Specifications

SizeFrontHindNo. of Straps
SL23cm W25cmL28cm W26.5cmFront: 2 Hind: 3
ML27.2cm W28.5cmL32cm W29.5cmFront: 3 Hind: 4
M/WL26.5cm W30.5cmL30cm W32.5cmFront: 3 Hind: 3
LL30cm W31cmL34.2cm W32.5cmFront: 3 Hind: 4