Spring is on the way!

The worst of the weather is now behind us, with frozen ground and skittish horses a mere distant memory. Even though Spring is creeping ever closer, the nights are still dark, and it can be a rush to ride after work! For those lucky enough to have had a surface to ride on over winter, the transition into Spring may be easier - assuming that motivation was not lost - but for those without any facilities, the persistently wet ground and dark nights have restricted riding to a weekend affair.

As a result of a forced winter break, our horses tend to fall behind on their fitness and can suffer with muscle wastage, especially along the top line. When you do manage to squeeze a ride in, it is important to consider your horse and their comfort. Does their saddle fit as well as it did before we came into winter? Do they seem to be uncomfortable when ridden? Different seasons bring on a multitude of changes to a horse's fitness and ultimate body shape.

The varied thicknesses that can be found within a PolyPad can assist in catering for these seasonal changes. Under the guidance of a saddler, going up or down a pad thickness can keep your horse feeling comfortable under saddle, ready for bringing them back into work. To learn more about the pad thicknesses, click here.

If you are struggling with motivation, why not plan the 2019 season? Look for events you’d like to go to and aim to reach fitness by then. If events aren’t your thing, why not pull out a map and plan some new routes? Be it a woodland hack, an exhilarating beach ride or a picnic ride with friends, there’s something for everyone. If a new colour scheme would help to motivate you, take a look through our colour options and combinations – show off your new pad to your hacking buddies!

Don’t forget – the clocks go back at the end of March – there’s not long to wait!