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PolyPads Gift Guide

Perhaps you’ve just been sent this post by your partner. You’re at work, quietly minding your own business, when ‘ping’… your partner’s name pops up. Maybe it’s a loving message, maybe it’s a picture they know you’d love… or maybe it’s a hint – a very, very big hint about what they might enjoy for Valentine’s day this year.


Shock, horror – the season of love is upon us and – what’s that? – you forgot to make that dinner reservation?  Everywhere in a 45 mile radius is booked. They’re not really that keen on flowers, you know – and a weekend break instils fear into their eyes because they must then leave Trigger and his buddies for more than 5 hours. Alas, PolyPads has you covered…


We’ve got plenty at PolyPads – and the beauty of it is, pretty much everything can be personalised. If you can remember their favourite colours (but don’t forget it must match their neddy) and can recall their horse’s name, you might have just saved the day! We've put together our top 5 products for your perusal.


By far the most popular, this versatile saddle pad is a safe bet if you’re a little unsure what to get. It comes in 323 colour combinations, three different thicknesses and can be personalised with embroidery. Most horses will require the ‘Single’ thickness option, with those a little underweight or coming back into work benefitting from the ‘PlusOne’ or ‘Doubler’ option.


This saddle pad conforms to the shape of the saddle, creating a neat look. This PolyPad can also be created in a variety of different colours to suit your partner’s taste. Two different thickness options are available. This saddle pad features a high-wither design (if your partner’s horse is tall, slender and speedy, this is likely to be a good fit).


Universal by name and Universal by nature, this saddle pad suits a range of horses and saddle styles. It features an off-set double seam to reduce bulk beneath the saddle and allows it to sit naturally in position on the horse. The curved edges create a flattering look, whatever the saddle shape.


If they’re a lover of all things technical, new-age and fancy, the Spacetec Pod might just be for them. It features high-performance 3D material along the pressure bearing area, without the bulk found in the thicker PolyPads, but with increased protection. The inner is lined to protect the horse’s back.

Despite the technicality of this saddle pad, it benefits from strong, long-lasting materials. It’s easy to wash (hate to break it to you, but yes, the saddle pads do go in the washing machine from time to time. You’ve just never been told.), is tear resistant and flexible. Uniquely, this saddle pad even cushions the rider!



 A few years back you had a nice, sensible car. It got you to work and back quietly, never needing so much more than an oil change. You put £30 of fuel in a week, and it lasted. If it needed a part, it was there in an hour. It had a nice, sensible history and a nice, sensible future. But then, somehow, that nice, sensible car has gone and now you have a truck. That beast could pull a rhino out of a swamp. It obliterates the £70 worth of fuel you put in in an instant and requires an oil change the second it sees a trailer. It has a delightful habit of falling apart just before you need to go to work, which is hardly surprising considering the amount of rust that’s starting to gather. So, if for a penny, in for a pound – why not treat your partner to a travel set for their horse?!

Good news! This bundle actually saves money – over 25%, to be precise – and is fully customisable. The set is made up of either Travel Boots or Leg Protectors, a Tail Rappa and a Classic PolyPad. All the products will match, and your choice of Pony, Cob or Full size will be applied across every product. This impressive looking set will surely land you in the good books!

The Classic PolyPad is a popular choice of saddle pad, sitting beneath the saddle to provide comfort and create a complementing look. The fibre core moulds to the shape of the horse to disperse weight.

The Tail Rappa fits over the tail to protect it when travelling. It is quick to fit and remove, with the hook and loop fastening positioned on the front of the tail, making it far cleaner. A soft, towelling inner provides comfort and protection over the dock. If you’ve ever wondered why on earth your partner needs to wrap up their horse so much, they actually have good reason – the tail is an extension of the spine and can be damaged easily, especially when travelling.

The bundle set can be made up with either the leg protectors or the travel boots. What’s the difference? Keep reading!

The PolyPad Travel Boots are made with the soft, flexible material typical of PolyPads, which allows free movement for the horse - other versions are often stiff and uncomfortable. The front leg boots fasten at the rear of the leg to increase the protection around the knee; this protection is also found in the rear boots, where the hock is protected by the contoured material.

Leg Protectors are much larger, but still feature the same flexible material expected. These boots incorporate a scuff cuff at the base of the boot to improve durability and increase protection around the bulbs of the heel.

The front boots fasten at the rear of the leg to increase knee protection. The rear boots benefit from a contoured leg design that extends beyond the hock – and also incorporates an extra strap that fastens above the hock to improve fit. An internal stiffener in the hind legs provides reliable support, so you know that Trigger’s legs are being well looked after.


Need help with sizing, colours, thickness? Drop us an email or give us a call. We’re horsey folk, and we know our products inside out.

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