Our Three Thickness Philosophy

Selecting the right thickness of pad for your horse is important. Factors to consider when choosing thickness include: 

The amount of work the horse is in

What are the short, mid and long term fitness aims

Have there been any back related issues with the horse

*PolyPads saddle pads are made to distribute pressure and should never be used to try and remedy an ill-fitting saddle.

PolyPads are ideal for training youngsters to, as they provide great weight disbursement which makes the process of saddling and backing more gentle. 

Why do we offer three thicknesses? 

We have 3 thicknesses to cater for all levels of fitness, ages, usage & rehabilitation. In an ideal world, your horse will be in peak physical fitness and they saddle will have been fitted to match. This has to be your aim, however we all know that horses change shape throughout the year. 

We allow for this by providing you with suitable options to move with the slight changes that naturally occur. As your horse changes shape, you should either step up or step down your level of thickness to best suit your horse. 90% of the time our Single thickness or Regular thickness is perfect for the majority of horses and is ideal for use during exercise or competition. 

The PlusOne or Extra option is perfect for those gaining fitness and moving down from a Doubler, or for those who have been using a single thickness pad but that have lost condition. 

The Doubler option is designed for bringing horses back into work after periods of time off, especially with any back issue. It will allow you to kindly introduce the saddle and start the recovery path. 

We are always happy to advise customers, if you would like help deciding which thickness of pad is best for your horse, please email sales@polypads.co.uk.