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Love your Horse!

Ah, horses. The binding combination of love, commitment and schedule we find in them seems to keep us going every day. Every horse owner will inevitably have uttered the words ‘why do I do this?’ when Trigger manages to delicately place his leg into a fence and requires vet assistance. Or when Trigger contracts some foreign disease and requires vet assistance. Or when Trigger decides to go lame and requires vet assistance. Or when…

Ultimately, the never ending financial and emotional challenges horses present can cause strain on our relationship with them. Sometimes, in the depths of winter, when mud is everywhere you look, the daylight hours only exist when you are confined to an office chair and your livery bill is skyrocketing, life with horses seems pointless. But this Valentine's Day, we’re here to help you keep hope – and remind you why you love your horse so much.


  • Your horse will never, ever judge you. No matter what you look like, what shape you are, whether you’ve sent that email or not, they will always be delighted to see you.
  • Your horse always likes the food you make. Unlike a partner who may decide one day that they’re suddenly bored of beans on toast, or your kids, who may one day love curry but the next decide it's poisonous, your horse will never be happier than when he sees a bucket. Even if it’s just a carrot.
  • Your horse is (usually) keen to go for a walk. Unlike the sedentary beings you may share a home with, attached by the eyeballs to a laptop/phone/tablet/insert-technological-device-here, your horse doesn’t complain too loudly about a jaunt in the woods.
  • Your horse knows how to comfort you when you’re upset. Unlike humans, who can often say the wrong things at the wrong time, your horse will simply be with you and offer all the time in the world, with the biggest hugs and the perfect place to nestle your head.
  • Your horse gives you wings. How many people can feel the rush as you gallop across a stubble field on a summer’s evening? How many people can fly on horseback over a log in the woods, feeling that split second as all legs leave the air?
  • Your horse never tells you off for spending too much. More feed? He’s delighted. More bedding? He’s delighted. Another huge hay bill? He’s delighted. The handbag you bought next week? He couldn’t care less.
  • Your horse doesn’t care what state his wardrobe is in. Dress him in pink, don’t wash his rugs all winter, put flowers in his mane – anything short of dressing him in a tutu, he’s usually on board with. Just don’t forget his dinner.

Winter is hard, but the nights are drawing out and summer’s just around the corner. Keep hope!