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Dull Days - Stay Bright with Hi-Viz

Riding in winter is tough – end of. It’s dark, it’s wet, it’s cold and motivation is at an all time low. Hacking is usually limited to road work to avoid the endless bouts of mud, but the roads bring danger in themselves. It’s becoming increasingly important to deck both yourself and your horse out with Hi-Viz products, drawing attention to your presence on the roads – even if it’s the middle of summer. Whilst many riders use a simple tabard, it is always advisable to capitalise on this; the more Hi-Viz you wear, they more recognisable you will be. By placing Hi-Viz on your horse, you distinguish yourself from other tabard-wearing road users such as cyclists - and prepare for the potential of you and your horse becoming separated. If you do part company, and your horse is wearing Hi-Viz products, they are more likely to be seen should they encounter traffic without your guidance.

At PolyPads, we offer a range of high visibility products that are suitable for daily use. They create a striking look without compromising on quality or comfort.

Below are a few ‘must-have’ Hi-Viz accessories from our range:

Hi-Viz PolyPads Classic

The original PolyPads Classic – now manufactured in a fluorescent yellow polycotton with added reflective strips across three side of the pad. The pad offers from the same weight distributing properties, reversible style and easy fit design – and is available in our Single or PlusOne thicknesses.

Hi-Viz Exercise Duo

Our Hi-Viz Exercise Duo is an all-in-one quarter sheet and saddle pad. It provides the same protection and weight-distributing properties as our saddle pads, extending to a quarter sheet. Towelling over the quarters keeps the loins warm during exercise, and this section can be folded back to cool loins after exercise. Visibility is enhanced beyond the fluorescent material with the inclusion of reflective binding around the rear of the sheet. The waterproof, cushioned material reduces rustling and keeps horses dry.

Hi-Viz Tail Flash

Simply wrap the tail flash around the tail and tightly secure in place with three fluorescent hook and loop straps, allowing you to be seen easier from behind whilst visibility is poor.  The Tail Flash includes a small material loop to allow it to be secured to a quarter sheet.

Hi-Viz Leg Wraps

Manufactured from durable, super-soft and fluorescent polycotton with added reflective strips across the hook and loop fastening. Our Hi-Viz leg wraps are suitable for front and back legs, and when fitted, create a strong visual image to draw attention to the horse. The inner towel lining creates a comfortable feel against the skin.

We have a few extra High Visibility products available on the website, including the Hi-Viz Driving Quarter Sheet, Hi-Viz Driving Roller or Roller pad, Hi-Viz Breast Collar Pad and our Hi-Viz Polypads Universal. Click here to shop the full range.

All our high visibility products conform to the EN1150: 1999 visibility standard for non-professional use.