An Interview with Sponsored Rider Harriet Mitchell

Harriet Mitchell is a promising young rider, stepping up the ranks with her team of event horses. She has been sponsored by PolyPads since 2018 and promotes the brand whilst out and about, demonstrating their use. We caught up with Harriet to see what she has planned for 2019.


PP: Hi Harriet! How are you feeling now that we’re finally starting to come out of winter?

HM: I'm super excited about the winter coming to a close! I love this time of year, when all the horses and getting fit and everyone is excited about the season ahead.

PP: It’s something to look forward to! What’s the next big event you’ve got lined up?

HM: Chatsworth will be my first "big" event this year. I'll hopefully (if nothing goes pear shaped) be taking ‘Algy’, a horse owned by Mark and Eleanor Ansell. It will be my 3rd year competing there - it is such an amazing venue and definitely a favourite of mine, despite the long journey from Cornwall!

PP: That sounds amazing! Have you got any goals for this year, alongside Chatsworth?

HM: As I have mainly young horses its important I keep my goals realistic and achievable. With ‘Iceman’, (aka Kimi) my aim with him is to get him up to 2* (old 1*) by the end of the year. If I can get qualification for an overseas event then that would be amazing. ‘Kolly’, who I ride for Mandy and Isabelle Joce, I'd like to consolidate his novice form and potentially move him up to intermediate. ‘Jamie’, who is a new one of mine, will be entering his first BE in April if all goes to plan. ‘Tally’, owned by Mrs Jen Unwin will also be starting her eventing career; she is a 14.2hh pony who has lots of potential and I’m super excited to see what’s in store for her.

PP: That sounds great, it’s good to keep plans realistic – and wonderful to see a pony in the eventing world! You’ve used PolyPads for a long time now – which is your favourite for training, and which for competition?

HM: I use the Performer Pad in training and in competition, as I find they are a perfect shape and look professional, as well as not slipping at all. For Dressage, I invariably use the Dressage Polycloth or Long Performer.

PP: The Performer is becoming a firm favourite - great to see that you love it too! Moving onto your personal life, you suffered from a broken pelvis earlier last year, but appear to have come out from it fighting fit! How have you managed your recovery and how did you keep your motivation?

HM: My recovery felt like years to be honest and it was hard at times. I had a whole 3 months of not being able to do anything. After those 3 months, I gradually started to build up my fitness by swimming and riding one horse a day. I'm not anywhere near as fit as I was pre injury, but I'm now riding 5/6 horses a day and I try to go to the gym at least 2/3 times a week. I have a fantastic Physiotherapist (Treburley Physio - who in fact owns one of my horses) who is keeping me on track! Watching everyone else ride and finishing the season was really tough and getting back on a horse as soon as possible was the only motivation I needed.

Harriet's favourite products are the Performer and the Dressage Polycloth. Click on the individual products to learn more! 

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