Pony Club Camp

It’s that time of the year – school has finished, and for six whole weeks, there’s nothing but ponies on the calendar. Whether it’s XC schooling, beach rides or hunting for ice creams, it’s all in preparation for that elusive date… Pony Club Camp.

With tack scrubbed, jodhpurs aplenty and a rather frazzled mother in the background, it’s time for that tick list – have you got everything?

  • The British Summer has already provided a perfect example of how quickly things can change, so make sure you’re prepared. Take your waterproofs, your Pony Club shirts, your riding hat and boots, at least two pairs of gloves (you’re bound to lose one!), some yard boots and your Hi-Viz. The more Hi-Viz you have, the better – think beyond just the jacket. Don’t forget that you can’t always wear riding clothes – you’ll need some spare t-shirts, shorts and trousers, along with jackets and coats for cooler nights. If there’s a chance to swim, grab your costume too! You’ll also need things like your hair brush, tooth brush, toothpaste, towels and sun cream – just because you’re away doesn’t mean you can forget about these things! Competition days will require your competition gear, so don’t forget it – and it’s important you don’t forget your tie and badge too!

    • Your pony will need a suitcase too! Make sure your tack is cleaned and ready to go – and don’t forget to pack your tack cleaning kit for midweek scrubbing. You’ll need to take a Classic PolyPad in white for competition days and you can take a spare for training. Make sure you get the right size and thickness for this time of the year, too. You’ll need to take rugs, boots and brushes, plus your PolyPad Travel Boots. You can wash these in your washing machine at home, so wash them with plenty of time to let them dry. Take all of your lotions and potions like fly spray and hoof oil, and carry them in a waterproof container should they leak. It’s always a good idea to carry a first aid kit with you too – don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it, there’s plenty of knowledgeable adults on site to help.

Your pony will need to eat and sleep, some bring your hay net, hay, feed and bedding (if not supplied by organisers) and make sure you store it properly. Even though you’re on holiday, you’ll still need to muck out – so take your wheelbarrow, forks and scoops to make it nice and easy. 

Above all, have fun. You’ll need a bucket full of energy, plenty of sleep and lots of cuddles for your pony!